Friday, May 27, 2016

A2 Studios Arise Asia Cup 2014 for Cricket 07

A2 Studios presents another name as "Arise Asia Cup 2014".In this you will enjoy rl fixtures,Stadiums,Overlays,Stumps etc.You can play all matches with rl fixture.For download this download all stuff.This is totally made by A2 Studios and its members we are only publisher so all credits goes to A2 Studios.

Cricket 07 (New) - Download NowAC 256 HD Bat pack - Download NowKing`s Gameplay V1 - Download Now Asia Cup 2014 :-
Download Arise Asia Cup 2014 - Download NowAsia Cup Stadiums :-
Download Asia Cup Stadiums - Download NowBug Fixes (Must Download):-
Download Fixes - Download NowAsia Cup 2014 Rooster:-
Download Asia Cup 2014 Rooster - Download NowHow to Install Asia Cup 2014 ?
First of all download all stuff one by one and carefully.>After download extract all the files.>First install fresh copy of CRICKET 07.>Install AC 256 HD Batpack.>Copy King`s Gameplay files then paste where you install Cricket 07 (also known as root directory folder).>After that Install A2 Studios Asia Cup 2014 in root directory of Cricket 07.>Extract and copy all the files of Asia Cup 2014 Stadiums then paste in Cricket 07 root directory.>Extract Bug Fixes then paste in Cricket 07 root directory.>Extract then copy rooster file name as AC14.ros then go to My Documents open (TM) CRICKET 07 folder the paste.>Now you have Done!.

How to Play A2 Studios Asia Cup 2014 ?
After installation.>Open Cricket 07.>My Cricket load the rooster name as AC14.ros.>Game Modes.>Domestic.>Asia Cup 2014.>Fixture as "2006/7".>Select your tm then enjoy A2 Studios Asia Cup 2014 .

Asia Cup 2014 Previews

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