Friday, May 27, 2016

Access and Control Another PC by Remote Desktop Connection

Lrn and see how to connect with another PC or Friend PC where ever he is, just using Remote Desktop Connection.
This is the tutorial about how to connect or get access of a Computer using Remote Desktop Connection. This program is basically used for helping friends, colues, family and others by getting the permission from another PC. Remember that this is not an trick. It is simple and sy way provided by in every version of . You can use this method to enter and get full access of your friend PC. You'll be able to use your board and mouse to control his/her system/PC from your home, or anywhere. In this process, the thing which you need is only internet access. Most of our friends, colues & etc regularly faced few troubles in their home PC and they are not well edued to sort every problem. So this is the facility by to help your buddies without installing any software or any addition/external program.
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