Friday, May 27, 2016

Blackhat Viral Wordpress Plugin Full Free Download

TESTED AND WORKING with all Versions of WordPress – even New 3.2Have you ever wanted to Viralize your site and let all your visitors do the marketing for you?
Well now you can !!
Are Your Rdy for a Viral Traffic Machine for your Blog !! You can viralize any post or page in your WordPress blog, asking your visitors to refer at lst a certain visitors before they can see the full post or page!Your visitors will not get access to what you offer them until they have referred enough friends or other rders to your website!You can promote ANYTHING you want! Pictures, s, files, guides, secrets, just about anything!It is VERY SY to use. Just activate it, and you can Viralize any POST or PAGE on your WordPress blog.Simply spking wherever you Virialize your post/page with the marker. The text above this marker is rdable by everyone, but benth that marker, your visitors will have to refer other visitors so they can get access to the content (you can change the amount or referrals needed for ch post or page.)You can require the rder to send as few or as many referrals to your site as you choose (5 – 10 – 100 or even 1000) to unlock the secret content they want.Ftures Included: WYSIWYG editor – You can change to look and Feel of ch Viral Page or Post !! You can set default text for your viralized pages in the global settings page to save time ( But you can change ch individual page and post). SEO Friendly links for your viralized pages, so you do not lose any SEO value with your blog. Quick statistics for all your viralized pages, you can see who and where others are referring to you site !! Quick Install and Viralize new and old posts and pages alike in minutes !!Quick Posting to Social Bookmarking Sites for your rders to get Referrers……And More………

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