Friday, May 27, 2016

Change Mac Address of Network Lan of a System

MAC also known as Administered address and Physical Address of Lan or Network Adapter. Well, there are following steps to perform and lrn how to change your PC Mac Address. It usually require those, who are using local network connection or Cable connection for internet, oftenly they faced problems due to changing of their systems, because ch time they change their systems, the Mac address will be change, because ch Lan Card or Built In Lan on board were assigned with different Mac Address, so they face problems... So now they do not need to face more problems in such matter. Local Network Administrator mostly use the filter option for allowing their customers to user Internet. Only those people use internet who have the permission from Network Administrator by allowing his MAC/ Physical Address of Network Adapter. But due to change of Lan Card or System, it will be changed as I mentioned above. So people/users required to contact their Administrator to Allow their New Mac Address so that Internet Connection will start working again but some time and mostly in urt time, Administrator will not be available but there are some urt works to be done. So this is main purpose of this Tutorial.Click to Get Links »

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