Friday, May 27, 2016

DLF IPL-5 T20 Rampage for cricket 2007


DOWNLOAD HERE (SIZE: 100 MB)YOU MUST INSTALLZAXWILLOWS 256 BATPACK FIRSTINDIVIDUAL PARTS FOR SLOW NET USERSFresh installed Cricket 07(No Other should be installed before)InstallBBL + IPL Zaxwillows 256 Batpack -Download(The bat Pack is essential part of any )Kits -Preview & Information-Download Here(:ipl2012)Menu, Text File &Loading ScreenStadiums(Bangalore,Chennai,Delhi,Dharamsala,Hyderabad,Jaipur,Kolkata,Mohali,Mumbai,Pune,NAME CHANGER)Note: You must DownloadDay & Night of all stadiums & name changerotherwise your game might crash.Graphics Set(Pitchad & Stumps)-Preview & DownloadOverlay & Menu Overlay -Preview & DownloadAll tms Logos -Preview & DownloadTournament Fixtures -Preview & DownloadTournament logo & Trophy -DownloadIPL5 OutfieldsDownload and InstallRoster with Face Pack -Preview & Download ScreenPreview and DownloadGameplayby KingNOTE:This is to notify those who think they can skip Batpack or Outfield or avoid stadiums or facepack, can play IPL5 without error or any crashing. Then they are fooling themselves. Even skiping small to smallest part of can make your game crash, so always be careful while installing our and always pay attention to all the steps we define. Otherwise don't complain about ERRORS. Again we're informingDO FOLLOW ALL THE 15 STEPS MENTIONED ABOVE!HOW TO PLAY WT20 TOURNAMENT:
After Following above steps, launch the Cricket07.exeIn main menu, go toMy Cricket >Load> Load the roster"A2-IPL5.ROS"then go toGames Modes>Domestic>INDIAN CRICKETSelectDLF IPL T20, Set the fixtures as "2006" and overs as "20"Set the use tm, start playing the !

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