Friday, May 27, 2016

Download Football Manager 2013 13.3.3 19.6.2013 Free Full

Interactive relsed the eleventh hot-fix update for Football Manager 2013 via Stm.
To update you will need to close the game down and re-launch for it to update. If this does not work for you or you feel it has not updated you will need to restart Stm.
As with the previous hot-fix updates:
It is save game compatible allowing you to continue your current save game.
There are no database changes, if you start a new game the database will be either 13.0.0 or 13.3.0.

You'll find complete changelog below.


Fixed crash to do with match controller not being deletedTwked human new intake limitsFixed issue where Player is not interested despite “All Players Interested” unlockable appliedFixed issue where a transfer bid has been accepted, but the Offer Contract screen tells user that the bid hasn't been accepted yetFixed crash when clicking on transfer offer via national tmFixed crash when asking the 'How do I place an advert for a vacant staff role?' question on the Player Comparison screenFixed crash when viewing “All Ssons” tm of the yr

Corrected tabs appring elevated on match pitchFixed issue on match pitch where user can get stuck at half time if watching a highlight then pressing 'Live'Fixed issue on match screen where sub tab strip displays backgroundCorrected issue when going to tactics screen during match, then exiting tactics screen highlight, will jump to end of current highlightRecord highlight button now functions correctly when going into an old match

Fixed various player heights
Lgue Specific

User unable to assign squad s to German II Squad when prompted toSouth Korn wages fixedCorrected K-ue discipline rulesUpdated South Korn common namesFixed issue where MLS tm's players can be on holiday for Club World Championship

Fixed issue where changes to people fail when re-loading a previous data file and making new changesFixed issue where crted clubs sometimes erate with Sandy Martens as their manager

Fixed crash where client srching for "Honda" causes a runtime error on host machineFixed issue where clients cannot load a single-player game from within network gameFixed crash when client views inbox in network gameLINK DOWNLOAD >>>DOWNLOAD<<<

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