Friday, May 27, 2016

Download Game Divinity: Dragon Commander For PC Full Version

Divinity: Dragon Commander is a turn-based and rl time strategy role playing game developed by Larian Studios as part of the Divinity series of fantasy role-playing games. The game ftures a hybrid of gameplay styles and has single-player, competitive multi-player, and co-operative multi-player modes.The gameplay of Dragon Commander is up into three phases which affect ch other. The first phase has gameplay in the style of an RPG, and has been compared to Mass Effect, where the player has conversations with multiple non-player characters and makes decisions which affect the story and the gameplay in the other two phases. In this RPG phase, the player can resrch abilities, influence factions, and receive cards which can be traded in for special effects in the other two phases.
The second phase of the game is in the style of a turn-based strategy game, based on board games like Risk, and designed first as a board game while the game was still in development. In this mode, the player can use cards rned in the RPG phase to affect their own territories and units or those of their enemies. The player can also construct one building per territory, and recruit and move units. Once the units of two opposing sides meet, the player can play cards which take affect only for that battle, and can choose whether to automatically resolve the battle, or choose to fight themselves. The player can only fight in one battle per 'round' (a full set of the three phases).
The third phase of the game takes place once a battle is joined and is in the style of a rl-time strategy game. The player constructs buildings and recruits units from the population pool of the region where the battle takes place. All construction and recruitment is done through units of recruits, which incrse at a slow rate until the ar's population is depleted. A player can incrse the rate of recruitment by capturing and building more recruitment stations. Aside from the traditional point-and-click based style of control, the player can also take the form of a dragon in battle and aid their units in both offense and defense, at the cost of sacrificing some control over their units while in dragon form.

Minimum Spek
OS: XP, Win7
Processor: Core2Duo E6600
Memory: 2GB
Hard space: 15GB
VGA: NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT/ATI Radeon HD4850



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