Friday, May 27, 2016

Free Download Age Of Empires[AOE I] Rise of Rome FULL

Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome Expansionis ahistory-basedrl-time strategygame in theAge of Empiresseries. It is based on the rise of theRoman Empire, and adds the Roman Empire and three other playable civilizations toAge of Empires.

The Rise of Romeftures a newRoman architectural design, shared by all four new civilizations, theRomans,Palmyrans,MacedoniansandCarthaginians. Four new resrchable technologies have been added. Additional new ftures include five new units, four new random map types, and a larger map size option.Path-findingfor all units is also considerably improved.Gameplay-wise, the expansion introduced numerous interface twks, such as unit queuing, the ability to double click a single unit and highlight others of the same unit-type, balancing damage done byapults, and the option to incrse the population limit beyond 50 (only inmultiplayergames). By installing the 1.0a update, it is also possible to use the period to cycle through idle villagers.New music was composed for this expansion, which replaced the original score entirely.

Review website GameWorldNetwork gave the game a score of 93%, and commented that it seemed to be a whole new game.


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