Friday, May 27, 2016

Free Download Rise Of Nations [RON] 0800 FULL + Latest

Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriotsis the officialexpansion packto therl-time strategycomputer gameRise of Nations. The game is the second in a series ofRise of Nationsgames byBig Huge Games.Thrones and Patriotshad its premiere relse for on April 27, 2004 in North America.It wasportedto and relsed forMac OS Xin November 2004.Thrones and Patriotsexpanded on a variety of ftures in the original game, such as newmonuments(called "Wonders"),nations,governments, and campaigns.Gameplay still remains similar toRise of Nations, with its wide span of ages and players still manage and expand their nations at the macro andmicrolevels.However,Thrones and Patriotshas campaigns which offer moreturn-based strategyftures than the original and the ability to make decisions outside of combat. Up to eight players can play in multiplayer matches, withartificial licebeing able to fill slots at the server host's choice.Tim Train, executive producer ofThrones and Patriots, stated that various ftures were added to the game in an attempt to balance gameplay, including the addition of armedcaravansandmerchants.IGNclaimed thatThrones and Patriotsis "a grt game [which] gets better," in reference to its predecessorRise of Nationsand other critical reviews also praised many ftures of the game, though some noted deficiencies.As of 2010,Thrones and Patriotshas received a compilation score of 87% and 88% onGame RankingsandMetacriticrespectively.

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