Friday, May 27, 2016

How to install for Cricket 2007

How to install for Cricket 2007 - A Tutorial By PlanetCricket.NetThe of comments appring asking how to install this and that is rapidly incrsing. In order to avoid comments becoming bogged down with such questions, I have decided that this tutorial should answer all such questions. Consequently, posts elswhere asking how to install things will be deleted unless there is good rson not to.

1)We normally post the downloads in .zip files. It is recommended that you download and install the latest version of 7-Zip if you have not alrdy done so.

7-Zip is compatible with most compression systems, including ZIP, RAR and 7z, the formats most commonly found in mods.

2)Once you have downloaded and ran 7-Zip, you will see a screen like this,

From there navigate to where you saved the file you downloaded, and double click to open it.
You will then see the contents of the download. These are typically .fsh and .big files - though you may find other types from time to time.

3) From here, click the extract button - though some downloads may be organised into folders, where you will need to open inside those to get the actual files - most should include a rdme.txt file to explain the details of this.

You can either browse to the directory where you have installed Cricket 2007 - by clicking the [...] button to open the file tree window shown; or you can enter it manually in the box on the first screen.By default, the game is installed to C:\Program Files\ \ (TM) Cricket 07\ -this is known as the root directory.
However, for rosters, you will instd need to navigate to the ' (TM) Cricket 07' in your My Documents folder. Putting %userprofile%\My Documents\ (TM) Cricket 07 into the address bar should take you there.

Rosters go in a folder named the same as the .ros file you are using, and typically will come like this in the download, such as in the below.

4)Once you have the path correct press the Ok button to perform the extract operation.
For rosters once extracted, you will also need to select the roster in game, by going to My Cricket > Load/Save > Load > Roster and selecting the roster that was named in the download. After this, go back to Save and save your profile to make it the default when you load the game.

For Face and Bat , you will need to assign them in the roster, or download a roster with them alrdy assigned.A tutorial on Face assigning is available herndone for bats here.

For most other they should work without further input unless the has any other specific instructions.

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