Friday, May 27, 2016

How To Make A Folder Invisible

Hello Everyone , Want To Make A Invisible Folder For Your Personal Data .. Here I Am Going To Tell You Can You Can make You Own Invisible Folder....

Note-In This Snapshot I Clicked On The Icon Because The Icon Was Invisible... So Don't Think That Your Folder Will Be Quite Visible..


1-Crte A Folder
2-Now Click On The Folder And Press F2
3-Now Press Backspace Till The Name Of Folder ( NEW FOLDER ) Gets Deleted
4-Now Hold Alt And Type 0160 & Hit Enter
5-Now Your Folder Will Have No Name .
6-Now Right Click On That Folder And Goto Customize
7-Now Click On Change Icon.
8-Now A List Of Icons Will Appr In A Pop Up Box
9-Now See There Will Be Some Invisible Icons , Click On Anyone Then Click On Ok
10-Hurray..! Now Your Folder IS Completely Invisible

Enjoy Buddies

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