Friday, May 27, 2016

How to Setup Gmail Account with MS Outlook 2013

A few months ago has announced the latest MS which is entitled as " 2013". There are many facilities and improvement in MS 2013. So basically we are here to tch you regarding the setup of MS Outlook 2013 with your any Gmail Account.Usually people wants and like the desktop mail setting because they will be notify when a new mail will arrive. And it very sy to build up. It is good thing that still Google is allowing their Pop and Smtp servers to enable this fture with MS Outlook. Although Yahoo Mail has stopped this service for free users since yrs ago. MS Outlook will provide you to received your mails quickly in your PC and sent mails simultaneously and you can also check your inbox anytime to find any older mail even without having internet connection because all of inbox/Outbox and saved mails will be backed up to your PC automatically. I personally use Gmail for Email Service and using MS Outlook since 4 or 5 yrs and It is working fantastically without having any trouble. So basically you are here to connect your Gmail account with MS Outlook 2013.Click to Get Links »

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