Friday, May 27, 2016

How To Take Snapshot On Pc Fastest And siest Method's

HEllo Buddies , Today I Am Sharing A Simple Method By Which You Can Take A Snapshot On Your Computer System , Taking Snapshot On Pc Is A Common ... But Some People Actually Don't Know How To Take Snapshot On Pc ... And Take's Support Of Any 3rd Party Software ... So This Method Will Rlly Help You A Lot.........

So There Are 2 Methods By Which You Can Take Snapshot...

1 Method

1- Press Alt + PrtSc Button Altogether ..Where You Want To Take Snapshot .
2- Now Go To Paint And Press Ctrl + V .
3- Now You Can Save , Edit Your Snapshot

2 Method

There Is A Pre-Installed Appliion " Snipping Tool " You Can Use This Appliion To Take Snapshot's
1- First Srch A Appliion "Snipping Tool "
2- Now Open It .
3- Now Click On New
4- Select The Ar
5- Now Save The Snapshot

Enjoy Buddies

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