Friday, May 27, 2016

International Cricket 2012 (IC12) for Cricket 07

International Cricket 2012

I N S T A L L A T I O N :
MUST MUST MUST Follow These steps, if you want your game to work properly. Else Don't complaint about Errors!Extract the Downloaded to any directory of your choice.Run"IC12SETUP.EXE"and install the in your CRICKET 2007'sRoot Directory.Download & Install"ZaxWillowz™,The Ultimate 150 Batpack".[Skip this step, if you have our IPL4 installed alrdy]Rosters folder contains the "ODI.ROS" & "Test.ROS" folders, Copy both of the folders & paste them to " (TM) Cricket 07" folder, loed in My Documents.Umpire Kits Folder contains Red & Black colors of Kits for Umpires, by default Red umpire Kit has been included, but if you want to have black kit, Copy the .FSH file from the respective color kit folder & paste in your Cricket 2007 Main Directory.After launching the game, load the roster first. Load ODI.ros if you want to play the One Day Cricket, load the Test.ros if you want to play test cricket.DOWNLOAD HERE

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