Friday, May 27, 2016

Pepsi IPL 6 T20 Show time 2013

REQUIREMENTFreshly Installed Cricket 07InstallAC 256 Batpackin you Cricket 07 Root Directory
The is divided into Four Portions:
Mega PortionStadium PortionRoster PortionPlay offs PortionMEGA PORTIONDownload the Mega Portion here:DOWNLOAD MEGA PORTION SIZE (69 MB)After Downloading, run the EXE file and install it in you Cricket 07 root Directory, usually loed as"C:/Program Files/ (TM) Cricket 07"
STADIUM PORTIONAs this is free of cost, we require our fans to download these stadiums individually in order to rn us few bucks out of our Hardwork.
Download Stadium below & paste all day & night stadium files in your Cricket 07 root DirectoryBangalore: |Download Day|Download NightChennai: |Download Day|Download NightDelhi: |Download Day|Download NightDharamsala: |Download Day|Download NightHyderabad: |Download Day|Download NightJaipur: |Download Day|Download NightKolkata: |Download Day|Download NightMohali: |Download Day|Download NightMumbai: |Download Day|Download NightPune: |Download Day|Download Night

Extract .big files in your Cricket 07 Root Directory usually loed as"C:/Program Files/ (TM) Cricket 07". Do Not Miss a single stadium, otherwise game will crash!
ROSTER PORTIONDownload the updated roster here:Pepsi IPL-6 ROSTER
Download the roster with Pakistani Players: Pepsi IPL6.ROS V2 Pak Players
After Downloading, paste "IPL6.ros" Folder into "C:\Users\XYZ\Documents\ (TM) Cricket 07" or"MyDocuments\ (TM) Cricket 07PLAY OFFS PORTIONKolkata Stadium Playoffs- DownloadDay Version|Night Version
Pepsi Pitchad for Playoffs-Download HereCRASHING/GAME AUTOMATICALLY EXITSFor slow-end PC users, If your game automatically exists/crashes by pressing ESC Button, then do the following steps:RemoveIPL Overlay Menufrom you Cricket 07 root Directory.InstallIPL OverlayonlyDo not forget installingLight Main Menu Set.HOW TO PLAY AN IPL TOURNAMENT?After Following above steps, launch the Cricket07.exeIn main menu, go toMy Cricket >Load> Load the roster"IPL6.ROS"then go toGames Modes>Domestic>ENGLISH/INDIAN CRICKETSelectPEPSI IPL T20, Set the fixtures as "2006" and overs as "20"Set the use tm, start playing the !RECOMMENDATIONS:For better experience try the following;Gameplay by Charu OR Gameplay by AnkitBoundary Music (plays music after every 4, 6 or wkt)Pepsi AtomPitchadCamera by AnkitSCREENSHOTS/ PREVIEWS

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