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Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 Full Free Download

Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5 M060 32
Integrated solution for 3D CAD / CAE / CAM, which provides users with new opportunities to overcome traditional barriers in the design process, making the development process even faster, more efficient and innovative.

Pro / ENGINEER Wildfire - a full 3D CAD / CAE / CAM for product development of any complexity. Thanks to the automation capabilities of powerful, Pro / ENGINEER Wildfire is a recognized solution for 3D design, engineering, modeling and product development of commercial competition. Pro / ENGINEER - not so much a tool for viewing and solutions, but first and foremost a tool for engineering solutions.
The extensive capabilities allow system engineers to develop products according to customer needs, rather than the limitations of the software.
A brief summary of the main ftures of Pro ENGINEER Wildfire /:

- Solid and surface modeling
Sheet metal parts, drawings, assembly (in the context of design and construction of working with large sets), mechanisms, animation, data exchange with other CAD (computer aided design systems.)
- Analysis of the geometry and inertia characteristics of parts and assemblies
Analysis of conflicts and gaps in the assemblies. Development of the sheet to give details of events (including elements of double curvature). The conversion of solid models of thin s. Modeling of structures with welded sms and welds documentation. Make drawings and design documentation in accordance with ERT, production specifiions and statements. Notifiion form . Photorlistic of a 3-D model. Mns of building libraries of standard parts, assemblies and design pattern solutions. Translators IGES, STEP, Parasolid, AutoCAD DWG, DXF, STEP, SET, VDA, NEUTRAL, PATRAIN, SLA, STL, CGM, TIFF, RENDER, inventor, VRML, IA, PDGS, CADAM.
- Two-way associative data strmer
CADDS5 Support, Pro / Desktop, RS, ICEM, converter Patran, Nastran, ANSYS.
- Assembly of performance extension (APX)
Tools for working with large assemblies - crting simplified representations of the assembly, the assembly load partial replacement site to facilitate reporting. The parallel work of several artists or engineering tms ensured by mns of geometric data on the basis of external links with controlled association.
- Mechanism Design Extension (MDX)
Design and testing of mobile units and units offer the possibility of crting kinematic relations between the components, the fixed set conversion mechanisms. Tools for the analysis of mechanisms.
- Crtion of a representation of the assemblies are analyzed
- Crte interactive 3D models for use in IETR
- Data Import Doctor
Corrections dimensional geometry imported from external systems. Offers high quality processing of imported models to continue working with them in Pro / ENGINEER.
- EDrawings
Alignment of s and models and drawings.
Crtion of engineering surfaces of any complexity. Scan - the contraction of the surface and solid geometry. Broad possibilities for modeling the exterior boundaries of aircraft and ships, propellers, rotors, gas turbine blades, especially complex castings.
- Design Animation Option (DAO)
Tools for crting animations, including analysis of the current process of assembly and disassembly of engineered products.
- WebPublisher
The ability to publish 3D models and products assembled in the website.
- AutobuildZ
Tools for automatic crtion of three-dimensional solid state model parametric two-dimensional drawing, imported DWG or DXF formats.
- JavaLink
API programmer. Developer Library Pro / Engineer
- ModelCHECK
Control of the accuracy of the crtion and of the model, based on formal criteria of pre-defined. Part Srch similar geometry in the database on the specified standards. Automatic verifiion of designs for compliance with STF.

Software Information:

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