Friday, May 27, 2016

Sunder`s 256 HD Bat pack for Cricket 07

* Bat pack contains 55 brand bats
* Also contains 40 unique player bats
* 100% scratch bats
* & : new256hdNote:Copy bats from "C:\Program Files\ \ (TM) Cricket 07\Sundar's 256 HD Bats\Bats" & and paste in root directory.Tutorial included with grip texture. Download & Enjoy your game. Post your comments in detail about my bat pack and tutorial. If you have any doubts in tutorial, post your doubts here.If you like my work rate my thrd & also thank my index.....Big thanx to Charu bro. Without him this bat pack is not completed. He helped me lot in preparing bats list & also srching reference pics.

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