Friday, May 27, 2016

WinKawaks Joypad/Joysticks Setting for All Games

Many of the people around the world has facing problem with WinKawaks Joypad or Joysticks setting because every time they are required to Redefine their Joypad/Stick setting in every game they wants to Play.
WinKawaks is an Emulator which will let you to play NeoGeo and Capcom Classic Games and WinKawaks supported approximately 600+ games, so it's quite boring for the Game Lovers to set their Joypad/Stick setting for all 600+ games manually and it will take huge time to complete this process. Most of the users are srching internet that how can they set their Joypad/Sticks settings for all games with automatically but many of them can't find the way. So my visitors are here to know this secret, which is rlly sy to set. You don't need any Tool or Software for doing it. This tutorial will tch you to set your WinKawaks Emulator Joypad/Sticks setting for all games. It doesn't matter that you have more than one Joypad you can set upto 4 Joypads. People are here very curious to know the trick.Click to Get Links »

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